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Company History
Aurelius Manufacturing was founded in 1926 on its current location by Gene and Bernard Aurelius. Gene, a gifted machinist and metal fabricator, enlisted his brother Ben to sell his wares. Together, they began to work in Gene's garage producing and selling hand crank eggbeaters. The work expanded as Gene found innovative ways to produce high quality products at prices that got the attention of the marketplace. Gene's commitment to innovative problem solving, quality workmanship, and customer service set a standard that is alive and well in the company today.

Gene Aurelius guided the company until his death in 1963. Shortly after that time Wendell L. Nelson, a long time employee, purchased the company. Wendell directed the company through the transition from a job-shop producing many products and components to a company focused on manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and from a sole proprietorship to the current corporate structure. This change in focus allowed the company to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the growing fluid power industry. Initially, Aurelius Manufacturing produced standard tie-rod cylinders, but quickly moved to specialize in make-to-order welded cylinders. Wendell continued the tradition of innovation and developed a strong reputation for quality and customer service in the hydraulic cylinder industry.

Along the way, two of Wendell's sons came to work for the company. Conrad in 1962 and Loren in 1974. Wendell retired in 1984 passing the leadership on to Conrad and Loren.

Aurelius Manufacturing has continued to flourish under the leadership of Conrad and Loren. The company's ability to work with customers to solve problems and develop innovative solutions has led to strong long-term business relationships. The unique ability to balance volume production and highly customized low volume work has enabled strong and steady growth through the years. Solid business relationships and stable and steady growth have resulted in the development of a skilled and experienced work force and the ability to apply new technology to the production process. Aurelius manufacturing continues to succeed in the marketplace by remaining grounded in its roots of innovative problem solving, quality workmanship, and customer service.