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Hydraulic Cylinders
Aurelius Manufacturing specializes in custom welded hydraulic cylinders.  By machining all of our own components, we are able to build to your exact specification.  We can leverage over 35 years of cylinder design and manufacturing experience to help you take cost out of your products by working with your engineering team to design cylinders that are efficient to manufacture, fit seamlessly into your assembly process and reduce field service costs.  For examples, click to view Solution Profiles.
Bore 1 to 6 inches (diameter)
Rod 3/8 to 5 inches (diameter)
Stroke 0 to 20 feet
Porting As required. NPT, S.A.E. Oring, tubelines and specials.
Valving Pads and cavities for direct & pad mount valves.
Mounting Cross tube, clevis, flange, trunnion, spade. Fixed or adjustable as required.
Specials Telescoping tubelines to eliminate hose reels or looping. Swivel manifolds to provide continuous rotation.
Quantities 1 to thousands...
Custom Components
Aurelius Manufacturing can provide the custom components you need to complete your project.  By tapping into the machining and welding capabilities we have developed to support our production lines, we can deliver high quality components at competitive prices.
  • Rods and Shafts - From plain and simple to complex weldments.
  • Tubes - I.D. and O.D. threading and grooving. Drilling, welding, machining and mountings as required.
  • Valve Blocks - Machined for your specified cavities and mounting configuration.
  • Ports and Fittings - Per your requirements.
  • Pistons, Glands, Mountings, and Pins.